What’s on at Charleston

21 May

3pm - A Man for our Times

Melvyn Bragg, presenter of In Our Time, talks about his novel, Love Without End, set in both medieval France and the present.

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Learning_from_the_past_Margaret_MacMillan_Charleston_Festival_201921 May

5.30pm - Learning from the past?

Marking the two anniversaries of John Maynard Keynes’ enormous contribution to world affairs, historian Margaret MacMillan delivers a specially commissioned talk.

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Outrages_Naomi_Wolf_Charleston_Festival_201921 May

7.30pm - Outrages

Naomi Wolf, provocative author of The Beauty Myth, discusses issues of censorship in relation to the 1857 Obscene Publications Act.

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22 May

Wednesday 22 May - All Day Ticket

This ticket includes entry to all four events on the fifth day of the 2019 Charleston Festival.

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Free_Spirit_Annabel_Abbs_Charleston_Festival_201922 May

12.30pm - Free Spirit

Annabel Abbs’ novel Frieda focuses on the protagonist’s scandalous love affair which inspired D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

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New_Daughters_of_Africa_Margaret_Busby_Charleston_Festival_201922 May

3pm - New Daughters of Africa

Margaret Busby, Diana Evans and Bonnie Greer discuss writing by women of African descent which is energising the literary landscape.

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Caroline_Criado_Perez_Charleston_Festival_201922 May

5.30pm - Invisible Women

Activist Caroline Criado Perez, who campaigned to insert Jane Austen’s image on the £10 note, reveals bias against women in data analyses.

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Chris_Mullin_Charleston_Festival_201922 May

7.30pm - Brexit Britain

Former Labour MP Chris Mullin’s A Very British Coup foretold subsequent political upheavals. Does his new novel, The Friends of Harry Perkins, have predictive qualities?

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23 May

Thursday 23 May - All Day Ticket

This ticket includes entry to all four events on the sixth day of the 2019 Charleston Festival.

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Antonia_Fraser_Antony_Beevor_Charleston_Festival_201923 May

12.30pm - Writing about History

Antony Beevor and Antonia Fraser, historical writing luminaries, in conversation about their craft.

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Insiders_Outsiders_Monica_Bohm-Duchen_Charleston_Festival_201923 May

3pm - Insiders/Outsiders

Monica Bohm-Duchen, Esther Freud and Norman Rosenthal consider the contribution of refugees from Nazi Europe to British culture.

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On_the-Future_Martin_Rees_Charleston_Festival_201923 May

5.30pm - On the Future

Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, on the dilemmas posed by humans becoming as powerful as nature.

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Bettany_Hughes_Charleston_Festival_201923 May

7.30pm - Istanbul

Historian Bettany Hughes celebrates Istanbul’s dramatic past and dynamic present.

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24 May

Friday 24 May - All Day Ticket

This ticket includes entry to all four events on the beginning of the second week of the 2019 Charleston Festival.

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Peace_in_our_Time_Cressida_Connolly_Charleston_Festival_201924 May

12.30pm - Peace for our Time?

Historian Tim Bouverie, novelist Cressida Connolly and news presenter Jon Snow analyse conflicting forces in the lead up to WW2.

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Cultural_Catalyst_Tina_Brown_Charleston_Festival_201924 May

3pm - Cultural Catalyst

Legendary magazine editor and founder of the Women in the World summits Tina Brown discusses her irreverent Vanity Fair Diaries with Virginia Nicholson.

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Popular_Culture_Protest_Hazel_Reeves_Charleston_Festival_201924 May

5.30pm - Popular Culture and Protest

Tate director Maria Balshaw and Hazel Reeves, sculptor of Manchester’s Emmaline Pankhurst statue, in conversation.

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Mary_Robinson_Keynes_Prize_Charleston_festival_201924 May

The Charleston John Maynard Keynes Prize

Keynes Prize recipient Mary Robinson delivers a talk titled ‘The Challenge of Climate Justice’.

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25 May

Saturday 25 May - All Day Ticket

This ticket includes entry to all four events on the eighth day of the 2019 Charleston Festival.

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Cassandra_Darke_Posy_Simmonds_Charleston_Festival_201925 May

12.30pm - Never Anyone but you

Rupert Thomson’s gripping story of female surrealists, lovers and resistance activists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, with art historian Frances Spalding.

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Chiaroscuro_Amy_Sackville_Elizabeth_MacNeal_Charleston_Festival_201925 May

3pm - Chiaroscuro

Novelists Amy Sackville and Elizabeth Macneal explore the challenges of transforming real artists Diego Velazquez and Lizzie Siddal into fiction.

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Cassandra_Darke_Posy_Simmonds_Charleston_Festival_201925 May

5.30pm - Cassandra Darke

Posy Simmonds delivers an illustrated talk about her new book which features a mean-spirited Chelsea art dealer.

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Adam_Nicholson_Charleston_Festival_201925 May

7.30pm - The Making of Poetry

Adam Nicolson explores the period when young Wordsworth and Coleridge produced some of the most revered poetry in the English language.

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26 May

Sunday 26 May - All Day Ticket

This ticket includes entry to all four events on the penultimate day of the 2019 Charleston More

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