Duncan Grant 1920: The original exhibition

In this short film, discover the mixed reaction from friends, critics and the general public to Duncan Grant's first ever solo show in 1920.

When Duncan Grant’s first ever solo show opened at the Paterson-Carfax Gallery in London in 1920, Grant was at the forefront of the British avant-garde. But how did audiences react to the artist’s bold and exciting works? In the short film below, Darren Clarke, our Head of Collections, Research and Exhibitions discusses the mixed reactions from friends, critics and the general public.

This is one of a series of 5 short films which will be released throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Duncan Grant: 1920 brings together over 30 of the artist’s paintings; some have never been displayed in public before and many haven’t been seen publicly for decades.

Open until 13 March 2022, book your tickets here.