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Included Penelope Lively, Cynan Jones, Kit de Waal, Tessa Hadley, David Szalay, Olive Senior, Nikesh Shukla, Anne Enright, Mark Haddon and Jon McGregor

International Writer in Residence: Helen Klonaris

Read more about Helen and her amazing work on the residency main page.

Read a Q&A with Helen by the British Council here

Listen to a podcast with Helen by the British Council recorded at the Festival here

Read ‘Cowboy’, a fascinating, highly original story from her debut collection.

Picture Gallery 






Listen to an interview we held with local author Alison MacLeod, who appeared at the Festival. 


Included Ali Smith, Elmear McBride, Kei Miller, Sophie Hannah, Elif Shfak, Lional Shriver, Keving Barry, Petina Gappah, Philip Henser, Philip Hoard, Jacob Ross



Included Jane Gardam, Marina Warner, David Constantine, Leila Aboulela, Stuart Evers, Shirley Collins, Tash Aw, James Naughtie, Sarah Churchwell and Anthony Penrose


Included Margaret Atwood, Michel Faber, Kate Tempest, Edna O’Brien, Tatiana Salem Levy, Colin Barrett, Joseph O’Neill, Joao Gilberto Noll, Harriet Walter and Anthony Holden

What's on

Ben Okri Small Wonder 2018 at Charleston 29 Sep
Rise Like Lions

This Man Booker Prize-winning novelist extols the power of poetry as a vehicle for protest.    More

Letter of Sylvia Plath Small Wonder 2018 at Charleston 30 Sep
The Letters of Sylvia Plath Vol II

A unique insight into Plath’s vivid and daring poetry by way of her personal letters.    More

Liminal Moment Small Wonder 2018 at Charleston 30 Sep
Liminal Moments

Tricksy, playful and profound new stories that explore around identity and moments of intimacy.     We More

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