EILEEN MAYO (1906–94) was a dedicated and multi-talented artist – at once a painter, print-maker, tapestry designer, engraver and illustrator, who also successfully turned her hand to wood-engraving, calligraphy, lithography and lino-cutting. Her role as an artist’s model – for Laura Knight, Dod Proctor and others – sparked a lifetime’s dedication to her work, which would in turn win international acclaim and lead to a successful career over many decades. Mayo was enraptured by the natural world she saw around her; the flora, fauna and people she encountered proved a constant source of inspiration, both in England in the 1930s to 1940s, and later in her adopted homelands of Australia and New Zealand. This book charts Mayo’s extraordinary oeuvre, introducing this all-but-forgotten name to a new generation, and celebrating the artistic legacy she left behind. The Modern Women Artists series The MODERN WOMEN ARTISTS series of collectable books reveals an alternative history of art, telling the story of important female artists whose art might otherwise be overlooked, overshadowed or forgotten. Working across a range of disciplines and artistic styles in the first half of the twentieth century, all of the women included in this series were modern. Read together, these books begin to redress the untold history of modern art.