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Tuesday 19 Nov 10:00AM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £100 – £110

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Artist Helen Brown will guide you through the process of woodcut printmaking, from design to carving, inking to printing.  Using this most beautiful and immediate of art forms, participants will come away with their own set of hand-printed cards and paper.

Suitable for all levels.

The cost of the day includes a private tour of the House, a delicious lunch, refreshments and all materials.

About the tutor: Helen Brown

“I draw directly from the landscape onto wooden blocks, I then carve into the blocks and print from them. All of my work is handmade and each one of my pieces is given individual life though chine colle (paper overlay) and hand tinting, just as the mood of a scene shifts with light, time and experience.

I spend time in the places my work depicts, returning to them. My prints are imbued with the emotion of place. Working outdoors enables me to connect with the spirit of the place, capturing the line and fluidity of scenes and localities.”

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