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Transgressive Identities

Saturday 17 Nov 7:00PM
Tickets: £8 – £10

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Join curator of the Museum of Transology, E-J Scott, dress historian Dr Jane Hattrick and hairy, brown, trans Muslim dandy Sabah Choudrey for an evening of discussion and performance exploring historical and contemporary gender-crossing bodies and transgressive identities through text and objects of dress, using themes from Woolf’s Orlando as a starting point.

Including short films from Paul Kindersley.

E-J Scott is a fashion lecturer, historian and curator of the Museum of Transology at Brighton Museum and Tate Britain’s Queer and Now museum takeover.

Dr Jane Hattrick’s work queers specific designers’ archives and assesses the impact of an individual’s gender expression and sexual identity on their everyday lives, self-presentation and creative output.

Sabah Choudrey is a muslim trans activist, speaker and writer. They co-founded Trans Pride Brighton in 2013 and was listed in the top 100 most influential LGBTQ people in the Rainbow List in 2015.

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