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ORLANDO REVISITED – Jeanette Winterson

Saturday 26 May 7:30PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £16


Orlando, the most playful and witty of Virginia Woolf’s novels, has an irresistible appeal for Jeanette Winterson. Time travelling and gender bending, Woolf was writing out of her intense attachment to Vita Sackville-West. Vita’s son, Nigel Nicolson, called it “the longest love letter in history.” “The novel pretends to be a biography. It pretends to be history. It is truth and fiction muddled together. It broke all the rules” (Winterson). On the 90th anniversary of Orlando’s publication, Jeanette Winterson will talk about writing, politics, women, sex and pleasure and explain why Orlando, “about a boy who’s a girl who’s a girl who’s a boy” made her believe “I can do this” and changed her life.

Jeanette Winterson is one of our most inventive novelists as well as a memoirist.


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