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Hidden Nature with Alys Fowler

part of The Festival of the Garden at Charleston

Saturday 29 Jul 4:00PM
Tickets: £10 - £12

Alys Fowler

Leaving her garden to the mercy of the slugs, the Guardian’s award-winning writer Alys Fowler set out in an inflatable kayak to explore Birmingham’s canal network, full of little-used waterways where huge pike skulk and kingfishers dart. Her book is about noticing the wild everywhere and what it means to see beauty where you least expect it. What happens when someone who has learned to observe her external world in such detail decides to examine her internal world with the same care?

Beautifully written, honest and very moving, Hidden Nature is also the story of Alys Fowler’s emotional journey and her coming out as a gay woman: above all, this book is about losing and finding, exploring familiar places and discovering unknown horizons

She writes wonderfully about the species that have carved out a place for themselves amid the discarded shopping trolleys, condom packets and industrial waste’ Guardian

This candid book is as much about mapping the heart as it is about mapping the paths of waterways. Lovely.’ Simple Things

A beautiful memoir‘ Good Housekeeping

Gentle, brave and acutely observant‘ Woman’s Weekly


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