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5.30pm – Innocence and Experience

Tessa Hadley and Sofka Zinovieff with Juliet Nicolson

Monday 27 May 5:30PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £16

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Sofka Zinovieff’s novel Putney is a contemporary Lolita. Its subject is sexual obsession, revolving around an abusive relationship, unacknowledged for forty years, between a grown man and a young adolescent.

Tessa Hadley’s novel Late in the Day explores the impact of loss on a group of long-standing friends. Old entanglements and grievances are brought to the surface as the past is re-examined.

Both books raise questions about the shifting sands of morality as buried secrets are exhumed in a different era.

Chaired by Juliet Nicolson, author of A House Full of Daughters.

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