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Faded Glories with photographer Rachel Warne

part of The Festival of the Garden at Charleston

Saturday 29 Jul 11:00AM
Tickets: £10 - £12

Rachel Warne

Rachel Warne is an award winning photographer who has photographed some of the most magnificent historical gardens in the country. This work led her on a journey to find and photograph gardens that did not survive the passage of time, lost and abandoned gardens which have been reclaimed by nature.

There has long been a fascination with the beauty of decay. In the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ the palace is consumed by thorns. In the 18th Century, the Romantics were drawn to medieval ruins and follies.

There’s a pulse in these places; even though they’re dormant, they’re still very much alive and the plants have taken over… there’s a certain magic in them being left unkempt, it’s a kind of a celebration of part of their life; it shouldn’t be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just part of a garden’s journey.

Rachel talks about the forgotten places she found on her journey, and the stories behind their abandonment.

Rachel’s work has been exhibited at Kew Gardens and the Garden Museum London, including the ‘Faded Glory’ exhibited at the Garden Museum 2015 and recently ‘The Beauty of Decay’ a collaboration of limited edition prints with renowned floral installation artist Rebecca Louise Law at her Columbia Road gallery London.

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