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CORRUPTED CURRENTS – Misha Glenny and Luke Harding

Thursday 24 May 7:30PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £16


The hopes around the turn of the Millennium for a bright new world of ever-spreading democracy have been cruelly dashed. Luke Harding and Misha Glenny are two of our most fearless guides to the new dystopia, uncovering the links between large-scale financial fraud, corrupt politics and violent nationalisms.  Misha Glenny reported the Balkan Wars in the early 1990s. His book, McMafia, on which the BBC fictional TV drama is based, charts the worldwide tentacles of organised crime. Luke Harding was the Guardian’s Russian Correspondent from 2007 to his deportation in 2011. His book, Collusion, expertly traces the links between Putin’s Russia and the Trump team.


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