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Colour theory and mixing

Explore colour observation and mixing with Tom Benjamin

Monday 12 Aug 10:00AM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £100 – £110


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Explore colour observation mixing and creating a sense of light in Oils with Tom Benjamin

Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant experimented a great deal in their approach to colour and light and had a deep understanding of the ways colour can be used as an integral part of a painting. This one-day workshop will draw inspiration from their work to explore the use of colour in oil painting. We will look at colour observation learning to analyse colours and observe relationships between them. There will be exercises on mixing on the palette and creating optical mixes in the eye of the viewer. The emphasis will be on using colour in painting to create a sense of light.

The day includes a private tour of the House and a delicious artisan lunch.

About Tom

Based in Sussex, Tom Benjamin is a landscape painter. His subject matter includes town and cityscapes as well as land and seascapes and his next solo show is in April will be at St Annes Gallery in Lewes and will focus on landscapes of Cornwall, Sussex and the Outer Hebrides. He mostly works outside in front of the subject in oils. The paintings are a response to light and atmosphere in the subject.



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