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Charleston Covered

Behind the scenes winter conservation weekend

Saturday 02 Dec 12:00PM
Tickets: £5.00

Ground Floor only visit £5.00 or FREE for Friends
Charleston put to Bed (c) Fewster

Join us over this special weekend to discover the processes at work ‘behind the scenes’ as our conservation team and valued volunteers work to clean and conserve the House over the winter as it is ‘put to bed’.

Once the House is closed to the public after a busy season, our conservation experts step into action to undertake a series of tasks including condition reporting, cleaning, restoration and conservation of all our decorative objects, paintings and decorated surfaces. Objects and paintings, rugs and fabrics are taken down, conservation cleaned, and wrapped in special acid free tissue paper or white cotton.

See the ground floor of the House as it prepares for winter, when decorative objects and paintings are covered allowing the wall decorations to come to the fore, and speak to a team of volunteers who will be on hand to explain the threats the collection faces and the steps we take to protect it.

As a treat, we are welcoming photography in the House over this weekend.

Enjoy a warming coffee and cake in our cafe and look for unique Christmas gifts in our Charleston shop to round off your visit.

Timed entry every 30 minutes from 12noon until 2.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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