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IN BYRON’S WAKE – Miranda Seymour

with Virginia Nicholson

Thursday 24 May 3:00PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £16

Drawing on fascinating new material, Miranda Seymour reveals the ways in which, long after his death, Byron continued to shape the lives and reputations of both his estranged wife, Annabella Milbanke, and their daughter, the future Ada Lovelace who never knew her father. Contrary to her image as a conventional spurned wife, Lady Byron was one of the most progressive reformers of Victorian England. In adulthood, Ada Lovelace, a dedicated astronomer, extended Charles Babbage’s mathematical calculations and proposed the theory of the general purpose computer we know today. Miranda Seymour discusses why two such remarkable women were haunted by the legacy of Lord Byron with Virginia Nicholson, who writes about the lives of 20th century women.


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