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12.30pm – Peace for our Time?

Tim Bouverie and Cressida Connolly with Jon Snow

Friday 24 May 12:30PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £19

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Marking 80 years since the start of the Second World War, two contrasting books, one fiction and the other non-fiction, explore opposing forces in the build up to its outbreak.

Tim Bouverie’s groundbreaking Appeasing Hitler is a compelling reappraisal of the years of indecision, failed diplomacy and parliamentary in-fighting that enabled Nazi domination of Europe.

Cressida Connolly’s novel After the Party is a subtle exploration of the Mosley women and the lure of a charismatic leader. Do these riveting accounts have resonances for our times as democracies face dictatorships?

Chaired by Jon Snow, presenter of Channel 4 News.

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