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3pm – Insiders/Outsiders

Monica Bohm-Duchen, Esther Freud and Norman Rosenthal

Thursday 23 May 3:00PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £16

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At a time when the issue of immigration is much debated, a year-long, UK-wide festival, Insiders/Outsiders, celebrates the contribution of refugees from Nazi-dominated Europe to British culture.

Monica Bohm-Duchen, creative director of the festival and editor of the book Insiders/ Outsiders, which focuses on visual culture, will discuss the importance of cultural cross-fertilisation with eminent art historian and curator, Norman Rosenthal, who programmed exhibitions at the Royal Academy for over 30 years.

They will be joined by novelist Esther Freud, daughter of artist Lucian Freud who was a refugee from Berlin.

Monica Bohm-Duchen is an art historian and the daughter of photographer Dorothy Bohm, a refugee from Lithuania

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