Art, Love & Peace

Astute, fierce and very funny, the letters of Clive Bell and Virginia Woolf are brought to life, with actor Toby Jones

Charmingly shambolic, Clive Bell’s significance in the history of modern art is sometimes overlooked. His trailblazing book Art daringly defended new ways of seeing and understanding the world, mirrored by his sister-in-law Virginia Woolf, who was forging her own path asa pioneer in literature.

Flirtatious, witty and antagonistic, Woolf and Bell were intellectual equals sparring over the nature of both love and art. Their letters –astute, fierce and very funny – will be brought to life by biographer Mark Hussey and celebrated British actor Toby Jones, recent star of TV’s Mr Bates vs The Post Office.

*Please note that this event is now taking place at 7.30pm and not 3.30pm as advertised in the Charleston Festival brochure.