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7.30pm – Keeping on Keeping on

Alan Bennett

Saturday 18 May 7:30PM
AT Charleston
Tickets: £30


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Alan Bennett provides an irresistible mixture of readings from his plays and prose. His most recent drama was Allelujah! His previous work includes 40 Years On, An Englishman Abroad, The Madness of George III, The Lady in the Van and The History Boys.

The annual publication of his Diaries is always a cause for joy. Although he has said “I am in the pigeon-hole marked ‘no threat’ and did I stab Judi Dench with a pitchfork, I should still be a teddy bear’’, he has steadfastly resisted the cosiness that usually comes with ‘national treasure’ status, retaining a fierceness about his long-held beliefs. Expect to be entertained and provoked.


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