Click here to download The Charleston Festival programme.

Thank you to everyone that made the 2015 Charleston Festival another great success – including speakers, contributors, volunteers, staff, partners, sponsors and of course the audience!

Selected sessions will be available to view on video shortly.  In the meantime there are plenty of photographic highlights of each session.

Details of 2016 Festival dates will be released later in the year.

dates 2015
Antonia Fraser with Jon Snow at the 2015 Festival
Her History - Friday 16 May
Amanda Coe, Priya Parmar with Frances Spalding at the 2015 Festival
Re-imagining Bloomsbury for fiction and screen
Raising the Roof at the 2015 Festival
With David Gentleman, Julia Barfield, Jamie Fobert and Simon Jenkins
David Lodge with Jon Mulian at the 2015 Festival
Quite a good time to be born - Friday 15 May
David Nicholls and Polly Samson at the 2015 Festival
Signing books after their Family Romances event - Friday 15 May
Virginia Nicholson with Julia Somerville at the 2015 Festival
Discussing Perfect Wives of the 1950's
Monty Don in conversation with Kate Kellway
To a full Saturday evening crowd at the 2015 Festival
Andrew Roberts and Jenny Uglow at the 2015 Festival
Discussing the impact of Napoleon and Waterloo
Nuerosurgeon Henry Marsh and science writer Hugh Aldersley-Williams
Discussing a Mortal Lesson at the 2015 Festival
Jeremy Hutchinson, Helena Kennedy and Thomas Grant
Jeremy captivates the 2015 Festival audience
Robert Tombs and Shami Chakribarti on Magna Carta
Topical opinions at the Festival 2015
Discussing Woolf Works ballet at Festival 2015
Wayne McGregor, Uzma Hameed with Rupert Christiansen
Anthony Beevor at Charleston Festival 2015
Giles Waterfield and Miranda Seymour at the 2015 Festival
Exploring the cultural tie between Germany and Britain
Sarah Knight, Henrietta Garnett with Anne Chisholm
On the life of Bloomsbury insider David (Bunny) Garnett
Maggi Hambling at the Festival 2015
Ali Smith with Alexandra Harris at the Festival 2015
"We are made by the books we read"
Claudia Renton, Anne de Courcy with Nicollette Jones
Describing domestic turmoil at 10 Downing Street in Victorian/Edwardian England
Caroline Lucas, Anita Anand and Abi Morgan at the Festival 2015
Hugely appreciative audience captivated with female political power discussion
Neel Mukherjee and Andrew O'Hagan
Illuminating the 2015 Festival crowd
Tom Stoppard in conversation with Richard Eyre
Beautiful Ideas at Festival 2015
Esther Freud and Sue Roe with Olivia Laing
Magnetic charms of Paris and Suffolk
Hannah Rothschild with Charles Saumarez-Smith
In the Garden after Festival 2015 event
Colm Toibin at Charleston
Exploring the House at the 2015 Festival
Amartya Sen introduced by Liz Forgan
The Charleston & EFG Keynes Prize winner lecture at the Festival 2015
Charles Saumarez-Smith and Julia Peyton-Jones
Discussing what talents contemporary Curators require
Hans Ulirch Obrist with Simon Martin at the Festival 2015
Lives of the Artists
Richard Davenport-Hines with Simon Keynes
Discussing the 7 lives of John Maynard Keynes
Selina Hastings and Sofka Zionvieff with Juliet Nicolson
Discussing eccentric families at the Festival 2015
Juliet Stevenson and William Nicholson
Captivating a full audience on Sunday of Festival 2015
Talking the Language of Fashion at the Festival 2015
Roksanda ilinic, Erdem Moralioglu, Justine Picardie and Bella Freud
Bohemianism and Creativity
Antony Penrose, Fiona MacCarthy, Vic Gatreel with Frances Spalding
Fiona Shaw reading T.S Eliot with Robert Crawford
Michael Frayn with the Festival 2015 finale
MatchBox Theatre
The Secret History of Wonderland
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst and Vanessa Tait with Nicolette Jones