Quentin Bell’s Pottery: Mid-career ceramics

This case contains pieces from Bell’s mid-career as a ceramicist.  Bell took an experimental and innovative approach to his work in clay.  As well as making his own tools he would mix his own glazes by adding different oxides to his favorite lead based glaze.  He enjoyed the unpredictability of the results.  He also sometimes fired his pieces at very low temperatures, which would produce the milky effect that many of these pieces share.

The coffee pot on the right hand side of this display is reminiscent of the soup bowls that can be seen in the dining room, and were made around the same time.

Bell was interested in classical myths and antiquity and would use these in his work, though he would often incorporate a very personal twist.  An example of this can seen in the jug second to the right, where a traditional shape is augmented with a strikingly geometric handle.

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