22 May 2017

The Charleston-EFG John Maynard Keynes Prize

Lucy Hawking and Professor Kip Thorne
3:30pm Tickets £30

We are honoured to present the Keynes Prize to Professor Stephen Hawking. Though Professor Hawking is now unable to attend in person due to medical circumstances, we are pleased to present Stephen Hawking’s daughter, Lucy Hawking, in conversation with the eminent American scientist, on a rare three-day visit to the UK, Professor Kip Thorne, who is a long-time colleague and friend of Professor Hawking.

Professor Stephen Hawking is theoretical cosmologist who holds the Stephen W Hawking chair of cosmology at Cambridge University. His 50-year career has been exceptionally distinguished.


The prize was established to award an individual of exceptional talents in the spirit of John Maynard Keynes’ work and legacy.


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